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Dining and meals

Diet regimen

Diet Mode: Children eat 4 times a day,
Dietary School is prepared at the Maternity School and
closed thermos bottles transfer it to the device.
It is published in the diet. The children eat in a games room, where 3 tables are allocated.

Time of release:  Breakfast 8.00 hrs.
                           Desiata 10,00 h.
                           Lunch 11.00
                           Olovrant 14,30 hod.

Dining in the facility is organized to provide children with a healthy,
hygienic level and health-conscious food, in which all the necessary biological
and energy are represented values ​​relevant to the child in line with the recommended dietary
allowances for a given age group.
Dairy dishes for younger children are prepared in the dispensary dining room
at the designated section.
For their preparation, infant water or water is used.
Parent will be closed originally packaging of dried milk to be labeled.
Every child has his own bottle of milk that is labeled and after use and rinsing with water,
mechanically cleaned using detergent and subsequently sterilized in a sterilizer.

Drinking mode is provided daily by tea / drinking water /.
Tea is prepared by a chef in the kitchen, in a sealed container is brought into the device.
The warm tea is kept in a thermos, according to needs are supplemented
and administered to the caregivers by the child throughout their working hours.

In the absence of a child in the facility, a child can be logged out until 08.00.

A meal ticket is prepared for the week in advance and is also available
in the children's dressing room and on our website for parents' information.
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